Happy Independence Day India History

Independence Day is one of the best days for everyone. On this day every person of the country celebrates the day with full of energy and joy. Every Indian do search on Google about Happy Independence Day 2018, Happy Independence Day Wishes, Happy Independence Day Messages, Happy Independence Day Quotes, Happy Independence Day Speeches, And Happy Independence Day Essay on this special occasion.



Independence Day is the great day for the people of India as well because India got freedom from the British rule after many years of slavery. Every Year the people of India celebrate this day on 15th August because India came into being on 15th August 1947. It becomes a very important day in the Indian history and it was the luckiest day of the year 1947.

The Indian freedom fighters did a lot of hard struggle and also gave many sacrifices for this country. After the Independence of India, The first prime minister of India was Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who had spread out the National flag of India in the early morning having tricolor for the first time at the Red Fort In the National Capital, New Delhi. There were Millions of the Indians who had Participated in the 1st Ceremony of the Independence Day. Many Tasks were performed during the celebration of Independence day including march past which was performed by an army of India and some students of India performed events based on culture. The prime minister of India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru gave his annual speech after the national flag hosting and national anthem (Jana Gana Mana) recitation.

Now, The people of India recall all the great personalities who had played a vital role in the independence of India on independence day every year. National flags are also hosted in homes, streets, school, and colleges where many other activities are performed by teachers and students.

15th August has been declared as the national holiday when all the schools, offices, colleges, universities, organizations, companies and educational institutions remain closed. Students perform dances, dramas, singing and participate in cultural activities, quiz competitions etc. The millions of Indians live together no matter whether they belong to various religion, cultures or traditions. they celebrate this special day with great joy and happiness. All the Indians feel proud and take an oath to keep themselves loyal and patriotic in order to save their country from any kind of harm. Lots of love for India and the people of Indian.

Tips on Lowering Cholesterol

Are you looking for ways to lower cholesterol? People these days are very conscious of their weight and their cholesterol level as well. It is not surprising to find people searching for tips and suggestions on how to lower their high cholesterol. Perhaps it is because of the health disadvantages that can result.

Several heart ailments have been connected to high cholesterol level in the body. Some people, for whom the risk of a stroke is high, should not take high cholesterol for granted.

Health is an essential aspect to a happy life, but it must be monitored. Generally, having good health means that a good diet and exercise regime is followed. What you eat plays a significant role in your cholesterol level. So it is essential that one should choose the proper food and nutrition in order to attain the right level of cholesterol that you need. Having cholesterol levels that are too high could result in ill health so lowering cholesterol levels is necessary.

There are two types of cholesterol, the LDL and the HDL cholesterol. Imagine the HDL as the healthy type and the LDL as the non-healthy one. In particular, HDL can eventually aid in carrying cholesterol out of the blood vessels while the LDL permits it to be deposited inside the artery walls. But it is good news that you can do something about it.

So, let us start by discussing it. Eating hot dogs, mayonnaise, bologna and salami may be very pleasing, but these foods could easily increase your cholesterol levels. You don’t want that, so your food choice instead should be replaced with sandwiches made of lean turkey and a whole lot of fresh, green vegetables.

Restrict eating those highly processed foods and those that you know have high fat levels. As much as possible avoid trans fats, for these further raise the LDL cholesterol and advance the lowering of the beneficial HDL.

Moreover, it is advisable that you do not eat foods like shortening, margarine, and especially those which contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Furthermore, eat those foods that are rich in Omega-3. Salmon is a really good option so buy red salmon varieties, for they are fantastic sources of Omega-3. Flax seed is also rich in Omega-3. Nuts are also great alternatives to your high-fat cravings.

Try walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pecans. They are high in fat but they are not the kind that causes harm. You should also cut down on rich desserts. Why not try to eat other alternatives like angel food cakes, jelly, crackers or fat-free yogurts?

Fresh, green vegetables are rich in fiber and these will aid in lowering cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, beans and oatmeal are nutritious and can trim down your cholesterol levels as well. Try to grill if you are going to eat steak or burgers for a treat. This would lower the intake of fatty grease and it tastes great too. In addition, olive oil is better to use and try to avoid bacon bits, egg yolks, and other like foods. And most of all avoid fast foods.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, you should consult your primary care physician for advice before making any changes to your diet.

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The Pleasures of Taking Safari Parks

It is impossible to enumerate all safari parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation areas and the likes in a single article. So we have decided to focus our discussion on the top five African Safari parks destination. Let’s begin…

South Luangwa National Park of Zambia

Fairly unexplored, South Luangwa is a treasure that only needs to be discovered at its own time. The birthplace of walking safari and the haven of elusive leopards, this is the best place to seek isolation, away from the crowd that characterize other national parks.

Selinda Reserve of Botswana

A very highly rated safari park in all Africa, most seasoned travelers recommend a visit or two to this park to experience what truly is an African safari. Packed with dense population of wildlife, birds and plant species, this truly is a haven that is enjoyed both by the wild and the tamed. Naturalists’ most enjoy it here due to the diversity of species found in single locations.

Kruger National Park of South Africa

For the sheer enjoyment of seeing endless arrays of animal species, plants and birds, Kruger would be the best bet if you would like to see diversity. Since it scales more than the size of Wales, it is not unlikely that it harbors the largest concentration of species that is unequalled anywhere else. The rich tapestry of ecosystems is such that it would be hard to imagine how all things coexist in competition to live in a space so large.

This safari park was the pioneer of its kind since it has already existed since 1889, the year when the first realization of endangerment of animals is conceived. Primarily intended to protect wildlife in advance, Kruger now stands as the largest single place harboring excellent game reserves.

Masai Mara of Kenya

Being the most excellent wildlife safari park in the whole region, Masai Mara is duly recognized for supporting large herds of cat species. It is home to endless plains that are populated with grassland, thus ideal for game-viewing. See leopards, cheetahs and lions in action as they mercilessly follow after their kill during the exchange of life and death in the plains of Masai Mara.

Serengeti National Park of Tanzania

Oh the sound of the name alone brings memories of might and migration. This is one of the most famous national safari parks in all Africa as it is the site for the annual migration of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, and antelopes. The birth and death place of most calves, this truly is a place to behold if you want to experience authentic deal.

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Is Solar Power The Immediate Answer To Our Energy Woes

We are looking for an across-the-board solution for our present exorbitant consumption of gasoline and it seems as though there is none, at least for the present. We are looking at Ethanol additive to our present gasoline formulas, but this will only give us better miles per gallon and of course, much cleaner bi-products with its use. Ethanol becomes a temporary

fix…at best. The reason, of course is the need for the corn base sugars(and other similar sugar and starch crops) to produce it. It is a simple deduction that it will eventually begin to deplete the food stock of our nation and also hurt our exports of these grains. We could, with the anticipated increase in need of our corn crop, grow the extra acreage that

would be needed to meet any anticipated needs. We must keep in mind the amount of labor that would be required to accomplish this task. The question remains…Will the Ethanol approach keep the price below our present gasoline prices ?

All in all, we must accept the fact that we will not be able to have our gas and eat our corn muffins too. There are also other crops which can be used to derive the Ethanol fuel, such as soybeans, sugar beet, raw sugarcane, etc.. The fact still remains…the choice will be gas for our automobiles and along with this will eventually come a vast depletion of one or more of our key domestic and export crops. It does not mean that this scenario will eventually come to be, but without other renewable energy fuels developed in tandem, such as the Hydrogen based fuel cell to assist the Ethanol fuel approach, this could lend itself to some key food staple shortages. The final question may be…”Do we prefer wheels beneath

our feet, or food in our stomachs.” Common sense tells us that at this point in time, we must proceed with great caution. Granted, the very large south American country of Brazil has embarked on their Ethanol program for approximately a decade now, with fairly good results and have enjoyed the weaning from foreign oil. Will it ever be 100% remains to be seen.

Solar energy is one possible approach being tinkered with to produce Hydrogen in order to power our future power plants and it is hoped that electricity, which now helps to deplete our fossil fuels will help us to deliver the fuel needed to produce power for advanced “Fuel Cells” being developed to power the automobiles and trucks, etc. of the future.

Unfortunately, producing Hydrogen by using solar energy electricity is very inefficient. This being said, solar energy is fully renewable and therefore must be considered. Along with the Hydrogen fuel from Solar approach comes recent announcements of some breakthroughs holding great promise using Solar to economically produce the hydrogen needed for fuel cells for both the automobile and our industrial needs and not using up all of our food resources in the process.

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The Chronicles of Forensic Investigation Techniques

The Chronicles of Forensic Investigation Techniques

Forensic science covers a wide variety of sub-science procedures using natural sciences to get relevant evidence and criminal law. It is a field that deals with the utilization of the sciences to find and process evidence in order to solve crimes. It is one of the popular subjects, which has been used widely in public services from time to time. Forensic laboratory science may be a potent tool when solving a critical crime like murder.

The Meaning of Forensic Investigation Techniques

Forensic accounting is just one of the newly identified sorts of accounting jobs out there. It has arisen from the vast amount of scandals wreaking havoc in the business world the last few years. Forensic accountants may also offer litigation support. The Forensic Accountant also has to be a fantastic public speaker and a superb writer, too. He may even testify personally. Therefore, he must be familiar with legal terms and procedures.

While cybersecurity degrees are a relatively new offering at many universities, there continue to be many programs to pick from. To be helpful in Forensic Accounting, more than only an accounting degree is needed. The sort of degree and the period of the program vary largely and are based on the type of work one is interested in doing. As soon as you earn an internet forensic science degree from an accredited university, you get an excellent probability of landing a fantastic job in one of the many crime labs across the nation.

Each technique is mostly differentiated by the sort of evidence left behind and the simplicity of identifying different incursions. The analysis is contributed in locating the ideal approach to implement FA particularly with the current gap, with the aim of covering it mainly since it is so difficult to implement forensic accounting especially that it’s not diffused worldwide. Study of computer forensics is becoming increasingly more famous throughout the world as a result of technological development of the of computers. Today it is by far the most typical way of crime evaluation. DNA testing is extremely accurate and dependable however, the kind of sample employed in a paternity test plays an extremely significant role in specifying the feasibility of the test.

Understanding compromise techniques is vital because it can drastically lower the scope to a couple of techniques, and, more typically, a couple of possible suspects. Identifying the procedure of entry is just one of the chief goals of a forensic investigation, either the way the entry was attempted or accomplished. The process was evolved to a terrific extent for quite a long time now, as it’s known to supply an accurate result from time to time. In sum, it’s somehow a lengthy procedure to get started incorporating forensic accounting in academic curricula.

If you have many years of experience, on the flip side, the CISSP credential might be your natural next step. To the contrary, it requires time and effort when it comes to shifting cultural awareness to see the significance of FA. If you’re given the chance to concentrate your degree in a particular area, strongly think about the region of digital or computer forensics. There are a lot of more opportunities today as technology gets increasingly sophisticated. To supply availability of balance and protection is the principal reason FA existed. Protecting against traffic analysis demands the usage of intermediaries. As already said, the usage of fingerprinting as a kind of identification has existed for thousands of years.

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